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There are far worse things than repeating yourself

The difference between duplicate code and duplicate intent.

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Engravings is an ethereal journey through a misty world of echoes and whispers from enigmatic producer Forest Swords. Its steady, confident rhythms and meticulously-crafted ambience have propelled me through countless cumulative hours of work over the years since I first discovered it.

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Lemon Jelly’s debut LP is a funky, quirky assortment of trip-hop beats and samples that are simultaneously relaxing and deeply intriguing. As the mysterious speaker in Nervous Tension says, “The purpose of this record is to train you in the art of relaxing both your mind and your body. Use it regularly.”

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Brighter Wounds

Son Lux is back with another collection of eclectic off-beat songs that largely eschew the previous album’s overwhelming complexity in favor of a more effortless sound that evokes their earlier work.

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The British company Brompton manufactures a single eponymous model of bicycle that quickly folds to a very small size for storage or portability (for instance on public transportation). In my few months riding my Brompton to work, I've come to deeply appreciate its brilliant design and sturdy construction.

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