loscil — Sea Island

loscil — Sea Island

When I really need to focus, nothing does the job quite like loscil (yes, that's a lowercase “L”) in a good pair of sound-isolating headphones — and producer Scott Morgan is back with another full album of peaceful, bleak sounds.

Note: this is true ambient music — almost no vocals, no recognizable traditional instruments, just very carefully-crafted layers of gentle pads and textures. If you’re looking for shoegaze, indie rock, techno or anything like that, you will find this boring.

Listening to Sea Island is like wandering alone on lifeless, washed-out shores surrounded by a cold, unforgiving northern ocean, wondering if you’ll ever see another human face. It may sound like a boring expedition, but there’s a certain vivid beauty in the stark, mysterious picture painted by these eleven tracks. Muted notes of sadness, tension, danger and fear give Sea Island a slightly darker tinge, perhaps, than Plume’s placid industry or Endless Falls’s neutral soundscapes — this is closer to the delicate, evocative waves of First Narrows.

Check out a track from Sea Island below, and listen to the full album on Rdio.